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Working with Lesley has enabled me to look not just at my attitude to food and body image, but also the underlying reasons behind what I think about them. For the first time in my life I feel that I understand my motivations and I have been amazed at the difference this has made to me. It's given me a greater sense of control over my life and a new appreciation of my body shape and eating patterns. I feel as if I can now make the changes I've always wanted to make. I would recommend Lesley to anyone who feels they have struggled with their weight or attitude to food.
D.M. 2013

Transactional Analysis makes perfect sense. It helped me to clearly understand how my thought processes had led me to where I was today. More importantly, it showed how I could alter my thought processes and challenge learned behaviours. It enabled me to take control. Lesley Snowdon is an excellent practitioner; I would not hesitate to recommend both Lesley and T.A.
B.R. 2013

Having completed the 12 week Tried Every Diet programme at the end of 2012, I got through my first Christmas without gaining a load of weight or feeling guilty about everything to do with food. Now 6 months on, I am still working with Lesley but this time in her gym. 15 pounds and counting and this time with a new mindset towards food, it seems to be staying off, with no (or hardly any) cravings and definitely no sabotage of the healthy eating plan. Sorting my head out before attempting to start healthy eating and exercise has really done the trick and I would thoroughly recommend the ĎTEDí programme - it really works.
F.M. 2013

The ĎTEDí coaching programme has really changed the way I view myself. I have much more confidence and donít feel terrified of saying no to people now. The weight is coming off slowly but after years of yoyo diets its great to be eating in a healthy way and feeling good about myself and not worrying all the time. Would recommend the coaching to anyone who doesnít understand why they canít get the weight off.
H.H. 2012

Twelve months ago I was searching for a Personal Trainer to provide training and support in order to improve my overall flexibility and strengthen my core muscles following a period of back issues.  At the age of 64, I thought maybe I was a little too old, but at my initial interview Lesley assured me this was not the case and advised that a programme could be established for any level of ability.  I have a history of slipped discs, the same one three times over the years, which has left me with a general ache most of the time and also at times severe discomfort which stops my playing golf. Also such things as putting socks and shoes on can be quite an ordeal
Following my initial interview, we agreed an overall aim over a period of time plus Lesley recorded various statistics, including my body fat levels, which are monitored on a very regular basis.  After a weekly visit for an hour each time, I can now look back and realise how much improvement has taken place against the overall aims agreed.
Lesley has a well-appointed and stocked gym and has excellent knowledge of training methods.  Lesley is also a very pleasant and patient individual who takes the time to ensure all exercises are bringing benefit to the person. Lesley also encourages Ďhomeí exercise too, under an agreed plan, to augment the weekly programme
I can honestly say I have found Lesley to be an excellent Trainer who has certainly helped me to achieve a much more flexible Ďbodyí since my initial interview.  Without hesitation I can fully recommend Lesley Snowdon as a Personal Trainer.

D.J. 2010

With a hectic career finding time for the gym was difficult and my diet was rubbish - no time to exercise and no idea what to eat.  Coming up to the big 40 I needed to get a grip and Lesley was the lady to help!  Training is enjoyable and with healthy but enjoyable ideas for my diet - dropping the Pringles wasnít difficult! Les has even taken me food shopping so I could see alternatives to my normal foods and keep me on the straight and narrow - what a star!  I've found it really helpful to have the discipline and structure of a personal trainer to create a varied programme that includes training together and when Iím at home. The results were amazing & I made it to my 40th in Portugal happy in my bikini!
KW 2010

My name is Simon Hill and I am a blind footballer. I play for the West Bromwich Albion and England blind teams, and played for Great Britain at the Paralympics in 2008.
I have been involved with sport all my life, and as a blind person one of my big problems has always been access to local gyms to be able to get fit. The idea of working with a disabled person to many people and organisations even today is a prospect that proves too daunting, and sadly I have heard people make a lot of excuses to avoid the situation.
I have worked with a lot of people over the years in sport, and I can honestly say working with Lesley has been a joy from the start. The fact that I can train in a quiet safe environment, and not spend time avoiding machines people and other obstacles means I donít stress about anything apart from the training Iím doing. Her attitude towards me was to treat me as she would any able bodied person which is how I want things, and the fact she hasnít shied away from working with, learning about, and understanding people with all kinds of health issues is great credit to her.
This means she knows how to get the best out of people far better in my experience than people who may have plenty of qualifications, but donít have the experience or the interest in understanding different peoples situations and needs.  I have always felt she is training me, working to my needs and not just training out of a textbook.  I have done many fitness programmes in my time and have often found or felt they were no good for me because they came out of a text book, and werenít put together with my life and situation taken in to account.  When you pay for a personal trainer you should be trained in the best way to get the best out of you as an individual with the time and ability you have, and with Lesley thatís exactly what you get.

SH 2010

I had battled for years with my weight and my lack of commitment to exercise but knew that both of these would be the key to me loosing weight and keeping it off, feeling fitter and healthier and therefore feeling happier about myself.   On the outside all my friends and family saw a happy and confident woman, but on the inside I felt sad, lonely and unhappy with myself.  It took a lot of effort on my part to finally pluck up the courage to contact a personal trainer to get the help with exercise and diet that I needed. 
I remember the very first meeting with Lesley where she assessed my body, fitness and self-perception.  I still remember holding back the tears as we discussed things I had never admitted to anyone but myself before.  I have never looked back since that day.  Between us we devised an eating plan - based on the foods I eat and my lifestyle - which was an eye opener as I had been eating all the right stuff just in the wrong quantities!!  We also started me on the road to running, walking at first, as I was very unfit and overweight.  Within 6 months I ran a 10k for Cancer Research in 1 hour and 10 mins.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I could achieve that!  I dropped 3 dress sizes and can fit into "normal" clothes.  Clothesís shopping is now a pleasure and not a chore, my confidence has massively improved, I don't get as stressed as I used to anymore and I am generally just a much happier person.  Ringing Lesley was the best thing that I have ever done for ME.

AMM 2010

I first contacted Lesley in early 2009 about becoming my personal trainer. Her professionalism and encouragement have kept me attending her sessions every week.
I have never enjoyed exercise or kept it up until I met Lesley, but now I look forward to my weekly sessions with her. I feel fitter and stronger now and have managed to incorporate exercise into my life at last.

JW 2010
30% of men and 50% of women aged 65-74 years did not have sufficient muscle strength to rise out of a chair without using the arms. Allied Dunbar National Fitness Survey (1990)
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