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One of the most common questions I get asked is “how can I tone up and lose weight?” Excess body-fat usually on the bits we hate the most, drives our desire to change body shape and magazines portraying impossibly skinny women and lean muscular men who seem to obtain these bodies with very little effort, do nothing for our self-esteem.

Busy lives with no time to cook, ready meals and take-away services all make it difficult to control caloric intake and so body-fat. 

There are many diets that promise quick fixes but the simple truth is that Low Calorie Diets make us fat.  We all know that if we eat more calories than our body requires then the excess will be stored as fat. But many people don’t realise that if we eat substantially too few calories then our body will hang onto the fat stores we do have, slowing our metabolism to cope with the limited fuel and so when we are forced to come off the diet the pounds will pile back on.

Low calorie diets are:
1. Unsustainable long-term.
2. Cause blood sugar to become so low your mood soon follows.
3. Reduce concentration
4. Force the body to burn its own lean muscle mass as energy
5. Lower resting metabolic rate meaning you burn calories less efficiently leaving more to store as fat.
6. Ultimately you will ‘fail’ the diet causing you to take another hit on your already low self-esteem.

If body-fat loss is one of your goals then Lesley will design you a personalised healthy eating plan. Tailor made to fit around your lifestyle.
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