Why employ a personal trainer?

Ever thought, “I want to get fit - but have no idea where to start?”
Spent weeks training and resisting tempting foods only to find little or no improvements in your body?
Personal training is partly about building exercise and eating plans for individuals - working out specific achievable goals, starting off at the correct pace and programming for a steady progression - but it’s also about motivating and encouraging people to stick to their goals, helping them through the tough days and witnessing the highs.
Every body is different.  Age, gender, goals, interests, personality, ability, commitment, and personal support network are just a few of the variables that need to be taken into account when designing a fitness programme. 

However, there are certain principles that are the same for every body.  These are the principles of progression.

For a number of people exercise is a chore, something they endure because they want to feel healthy or stay slim or both, but they can’t honestly say they really enjoy it. So the temptation to find excuses to postpone, cut short or miss workouts altogether runs high. 

Working with a professional who can motivate, encourage and let’s face it occasionally gently bully you into achieving your goal is what most people need.  There are the ‘freaks of nature’ that find exercise enjoyable - who arrive fired up and ready to go but for the majority, exercise can feel more like a visit to the dentist than a fun way to spend their day but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Lesley will ensure that you are following the principles of progressive overload and that you have enough alternatives to keep things interesting and enjoyable.
Lesley Snowdon - Personal Trainer, Counsellor & Diet Coach - Combining the services of a personal trainer and nutrition consultant with the empathic understanding of a qualified counsellor. Based in Wolverhampton.
I will help you achieve your health and fitness goals both mentally and physically.
Lesley Snowdon  is a member of the register of exercise professionals
Personal Fitness Trainer local to Wolverhampton, Dudley, Bilston, Sedgley, Coseley, Oldbury
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